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BHP Nevada Railroad Company

A brief history: 1996-1999


By 1991, Magma Copper Company had acquired all mining rights in the Robinson District and was building a new mill and concentrator on the former site of Riepetown, with the principal intent of resuming copper mining in the district. In anticipation of the renewed mining operations, the Northern Nevada Railroad Corporation had been formed to lease and operate the railroad operations.

Magma was purchased by Australian based, multi-national Broken Hill Proprietary, Ltd. (BHP) in January 1996. In June of that year, BHP Nevada Railroad obtained all of the Northern Nevada Railroad Corp. assets.

BHP Nevada Railroad operated ore trains between their concentrator at Riepetown and the interchange with the Union Pacific Railroad at Shafter in Elko County. The concentrate was then routed via the UP to their smelter in San Manuel, AZ.

On 25 June 1999 BHP ceased their Robinson mining operations. The last ore shipment by railroad left the Riepetown facility on 9 July. In 2000, the Nevada Northern Railway Museum obtained the former BHP Nevada Railroad motive power, rolling stock, and assorted equipment as part of a settlement of their track lease contract.

In November 2000, the Colorado, Kansas, and Pacific RR purchased a portion of the former BHP Nevada Railroad motive power from the Museum. SD9's 202, 203, and 205 were moved to the Union Pacific Railroad interchange at Shafter, Nevada for shipment.


BHP Nevada Railroad SD9s 202, 203 & 205 on interchange track at Shafter
Cars on siding (visible in image on the left) are stored UP woodchip hoppers

Shafter, Nevada -- November 2000
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