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Nevada Northern Caboose No. 1


East Ely, NV
circa 1938

Larry C. Rowe photograph
Ronald L. Welch collection
Used with permission

No.'s 1 (pictured at left) and 2 (not shown) were all wood, 8-wheel cabooses purchased new in September 1906 for $1251 each from American Car and Foundry, St. Louis, MO. They originally had two side doors (42" x 72") that were later removed. No. 1 was destroyed in 1939 when the engineer on No. 10 ran into the rear of the local at McGill Junction.

Length over end sills: 30' 2"
Width over side sills: 9' 3"
Capacity: 60,000 lbs
Weight: 34,500 lbs
End doors: 25" x 72"
Wood truck bolsters
33" diameter wheels
Journals 4" x 8"

Nevada Northern Caboose No. 3


NN caboose No. 3

East Ely Yards

Photographer unknown

Cabooses No.'s 3 (pictured at left), No. 4, and No. 5 (1st) were purchased new from the Mt. Vernon Car Company on 13 February 1909 for $1256.00 each. 8-wheel, all wood construction. Initially built with side doors that were later removed. No. 3 was donated to the NN Railway Museum; No. 4 was retired in September 1936; No. 5 (1st) was converted into a shelter for school children at McGill in January 1921.


Data provided by Steve Swanson

Length: 30'
Width: 9'
Length over platform end sills: 35' 2"
Width end door: 2' 5"
Width baggage door: 4' 8"
Length cupola platform 5' 6"
Length passenger compartment: 9' 11"
Length baggage compartment: 13' 8"
Height top of sill to bottom of plate: 6' 5"
     •diamond arch bar
     •swing motion
     •wheel base 4' 10"
     •journals 4" x 8"


Nevada Northern Caboose No. 5 (2nd)


Built by Magor Car Co. in 1923; wood body. Purchased used from Utah Copper No. 018 in 1945. Plywood was applied in the 1960's to reduce the amount of dust coming through the carsiding and annoying the trainmen.

Right side of NN caboose No. 5
Photographed at the East Ely yards on 20 June 1999. End shot of NN caboose No. 5
Left side of NN caboose No. 5
Copyright © 1999-2001 Keith Albrandt

Caboose No. 5 in 1969

Copyright © 2001 Keith Ardinger;
used with permission

East Ely, Nevada

Left: July 1969, thirty years prior to the images above.

Right: 09 Aug 1949 — fifty years prior to the above images. Note absence of plywood sheathing.

Caboose No. 5 in 1949

J. Lawson negative;
W.C. Whittaker collection;
used with permission


Nevada Northern Caboose No. 6 (2nd)


No. 6, the newest caboose in the NN fleet

Copyright © 2001 Keith Ardinger;
Used with permission

Steel, wide vision, 8-wheel caboose purchased new in 1972 from the International Car Company. It was only three years old when photographed here at the East Ely yards in 1975. Currently at the Nevada Northern Railway Museum in East Ely, NV.





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