Nevada Northern & Railroads of White Pine County




Railroads in White Pine County, Nevada are the result of economics of the mining industry.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the railroad was the transportation solution allowing mining in the Robinson district to become economically viable. Establishment of the Nevada Northern Railway trackage solved the challenge of transporting the copper, gold and silver mineral riches from this remote region of eastern Nevada. And achieved this transportation by a method that permitted the mining operation as a whole to remain profitable.

Mining is a business susceptible to "boom and bust" cycles determined by the fluctuations in the value of the minerals on the world market. Concurrently, technological advances make the extraction of decreasingly abundant mineral resources more economically feasible.

These forces of prices, technology, and transportation finally determine the economic realities of mining the mineral resources. Interwoven on this industrial framework is the rich history of the people, now generations in some cases, who have made WPC their home.


Liberty Pit near Ruth, NV
20 June 1999

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