Nevada Northern & Railroads of White Pine County



Nevada Consolidated Copper Company


Eleventh Annual Report

For the Year Ended
December 31, 1917




Title Page
Officers and Directors
In Memoriam
Officers & Directors
Harry Frank Guggenheim (1890-1971), son of Daniel Guggenheim, and his cousin Edmond A. Guggenheim (1888-1972), son of Murry Guggenheim, were partners in Guggenheim Brothers along with their fathers. The other partners included uncles Solomon, Simon and Isaac Guggenheim, and William Chapman Potter, former manager of American Smelting and Refining's Mexican properties and subsequently president of Morgan Guaranty, and collaborator with the Guggenheims in Alaska. Uncle Solomon would later become president of the Nevada Northern Railway. In 1923, both Harry and Edmond resigned from Guggenheim Brothers in a disagreement over the sale of their Chilean Chuquicamata Copper Mine. Losing their allegiance eventually proved to be the death of Guggenheim Brothers.
In Memoriam
Death of Silas W. Eccles (b. 1852), president of both the Nevada Consolidated Copper Company and the Nevada Northern Railway. His death probably occurred in 1917, as Stephen Birch was elected to succeed him as head of the Alaska Steamship Company and Copper River & Northwestern Railroad in January 1918 (Anchorage Daily Times, 12 January 1918). Eccles was still listed as president of the Nevada Northern Railway in the January 1918 edition of The Official Railway Equipment Register, likely printed at a somewhat earlier date.


President's Report
Nevada Northern Railway
President's Report
Daniel Cowan Jackling was named president of the Nevada Consolidated Copper Company after the death of S.W. Eccles.
Nevada Northern Railway
Total freight handled for 1917 was 5,384,500 tons. Ore accounted for 87% of the tonnage and commercial freight was responsible for the remaining 13%. The total number of passengers carried in the year, including both main line and suburban service, was 442,524. A new coarse crushing plant and railroad approach were constructed in 1917. The long, high wooden trestle serving the original coarse crushing plant "had deteriorated to the extent of becoming a hazard to operations. The new coarse crushing plant is reached by railroad tracks located on the ground throughout."


Ore Reserves
Ore Reserves
Mining Costs


Improvements at the Mines
Concentrating & Smelting Works
Reveberatories and Converters
Power Plant
Production and Costs
Improvements at the Mines; Concentrating & Smelting Works
Mentions the purchase of one steam shovel and two 81-ton locomotives. Also mentions the construction of thirty 20-yd. steel dump cars for the shovel pit operations, 3.1 miles of additional standard gauge track in the pits, and the purchase of four 10-ton electric locomotives for the underground mine.
Concentrating; Roasters
Nevada Con milled 175,424-tons of ore for the Consolidated Coppermines Company.
Reveberatories and Converters; Power Plant; Production and Costs
Approximately 5% of the mill capacity and 10% of the smelting capacity was used for the treatment of outside or custom ores.


Auditor's Report
Combined Assets and Liabilities
Nevada Consolidated Copper Co. & Nevada Northern Railway Co.
Statement of Assets and Liabilities
Nevada Consolidated Copper Co.


Statement of Operations
Nevada Consolidated Copper Co.
Current Assets and Liabilities
Nevada Consolidated Copper Co.
Statement of Assets and Liabilities
Nevada Northern Railway Co.
Statement of Assets and Liabilities, Nevada Northern Railway Company
The profit for 1917 was $694,302.06, an increase of $108,434.91 over the previous year.





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