Nevada Northern & Railroads of White Pine County


Extant Equipment no longer in White Pine County


D&RGW railroad car at Dolly Varden Spring
Shawn Hall Collection
Used with permission

Identity courtesy of Kyle Williams Wyatt
Curator of History & Technology, California State Railroad Museum




NCCCo. 0-4-0ST No. 309
Location: At Pacific Locomotive Association's Niles Canyon Railway maintenance facility and storage yard at Brightside, CA (between Niles and Sunol); dismantled (April, 2001).



Originally Steptoe Valley Smelting & Mining Co. No. 3. Built by H.K. Porter in January 1913; b/n 5247; 17 ton.

KCC, NMD Alco RS-2 No. 103
Location: San Diego Railroad Museum, Campo, CA.

Built by Alco 1949; builders #77564. After closing of NMD in 1983 briefly transferred to Utah Copper division as KCC No. 907 & repainted green. Donated to PSRMA (Pacific Southwest Railway Museum Association) 7/9/1984. Restored to operating condition 1988. Repainted to black & silver "zebra" stripe scheme and renumbered ATSF No. 2098. (Santa Fe's only ALCO RS-2 was No. 2099; it never had a No. 2098.)



KCC NMD Alco RS-2 No. 104
Location: Feather River Rail Society, Portola RR Museum, Portola, CA.



ex-KCC Utah No. 908

KCC, NMD Alco RSD-4 No. 201
Location: Northwest Railway Museum, Snoqualmie-North Bend, WA

RSD-4 #201 at the Northwest Railway Museum 10 October 1999
Copyright © 1999-2001 Al Clemens
Used with permission.



Transferred to Utah Copper as No. 909. Subsequently donated to Puget Sound Railway Historical Foundation (now Northwest Railway Museum); operational.

Nevada Northern Railway EMD SD7 No. 401
Location: Delta, UT.

Owned by Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.




Freight Cars


NN hopper car No. 409
Location: Nevada State Railroad Museum, Carson City, NV.


Built by Pressed Steel Car Co. 1907. Clinchfield #?; M&StL No. 81303. In service.

NCCCo. gondola No. 601
Location: Orange Empire Railway Museum, Perris, CA.


Side-Dump, steel, built by K&J in 1916.




Passenger Equipment


NN Baggage/Mail/Express Car No. 21
Location: Nevada State Railroad Museum, Carson City, NV.

Built for the NN in 1907 by American Car & Foundry,. wooden body, composite frame. Rebuilt with steel underframe 1912. Sold to Virginia & Truckee 1941, it retained its number to become V&T 2nd No. 21. Partially damaged by fire. Mail equipment removed.




Non-Revenue Equipment


Business Car Ely
(1st No. 100, later renamed 2nd No. 101 Ely)
Location: Illinois Railway Museum, Union, IL.

Built by Pullman 1889 for the Savannah, Florida & Western Ry. Purchased 1906 as NN #100. Renumbered to 2nd No. 101 Ely 1916. Rebuilt 1928. Sold to the GMO 1947. Sold to North American Car Corp. Donated to the Illinois Electric Railway Museum (now the Illinois Railway Museum), Union IL.



Business Car 2nd No. 100
Location: Ohi-Rail Corp., Minerva and Mechanicstown, OH.

Purchased new from Pullman 1916. Sold to DL&W 1935. Sold to LIRR 1962. Sold to the Long Island-Sunrise Trail Chapter NRHS 1978. Sold to Mr. Porter C. Collins, 1983. Currently operational.



KCC Caboose No. 25
Location: Heber Valley Railroad, Heber City, UT.

Built by KCC, the 26-ton steel caboose was originally used on the NMD and later moved to KCC Utah to run on the line between Bingham Canyon Mine and Bonneville, Magna and Arthur mines. Donated by KCC to Heber Valley Railroad.

Incorrectly identified as No. 26 in Trains magazine, Jan 1995, p. 96.



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