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BHP Nevada

Door on west side of engine house at East Ely

Back door of East Ely engine house.
June 1988

Copyright © 2000 David Sellers
Used with permission.


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Nevada Northern


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Copyright Notice


David Sellers provided many photographs from his personal collection to be published for the first time here as a kickoff to the Photo Galleries. Thank you Dave, for your generosity and continued support and enthusiasm.

Jim Bryant presented me with an entire photo album of his 1998 trip to East Ely. Many of those photos have been incorporated here and provide wonderful documentation of the railroad and its structures. Thank you Jim for your encouragement from before the beginning.

Al Clemens sent copies of all his photographs from his trip to East Ely in August 2000. Many are included in this photo gallery as well as on other pages on this site. Thank you Al for your kindness, extensive annotation of each photo and your tremendous support.

Keith Ardinger scanned and sent 68 of his photographs from the 1960's and 1970's expressly to be added to these pages. Many will appear in these photo gallery pages as well as in the Locomotive Photo Gallery. Thank you Keith for your time and effort to selflessly share your work on a favorite subject for all of us to enjoy.

Steve Swanson has contributed countless images from his collection dating from the 1910's. The great majority of the classic black-and-white photographs at this site came via Steve, who also sought and gained permission from the original photographer's/collector's for publication herein. It's no exaggeration that this site would be nowhere as complete and accurate without Steve's knowledge and the education in all things Nevada Northern that he's provided.






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