Nevada Northern & Railroads of White Pine County

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Copper Mining Railroads of WPC Nevada

20th century copper mining
General route & historical timeline
The Ely Route
Topographic map and timetables
Historical Timeline
Mining companies & railroads
Track Plans
Copper Flat and Kimberly, Robinson Canyon, East Ely, McGill, Cobre & Shafter
Photo Galleries
Locos, Structures, Rolling Stock, Rails, Railfan Trip, Action!
Loco Photo Rosters
Classic photographs and loco data
Ely—Goldfield Railroad
Vapor routes to WPC
Projected RR News Archive
Additional news articles on vapor routes
Where are they Now?
Extant equipment no longer in WPC
WPC Railroad News
Contemporary information
Coming Attractions
Plans for future pages to this site
Selected bibliography
Resources & Links
Additional sites of interest and information

Nevada Northern Railway



NNRy History

Concise summary 1906-1983 to present
Complete roster & information of locomotives, past and present
Passenger Service
All the passenger pages start here
400 Series Ore Hoppers
Dual-hopper "possum bellys"
Caboose Roster
Complete roster starting in 1906
Caboose Photos
Crummy No.'s 1, 3, 5 (2nd), and 6 (2nd)
Steam Wrecking Crane "A"
Forms & Reports
Tools of management and accounting

Nevada Consolidated Copper / Kennecott Copper, Nevada Mines Division


Mainline Ore Haul
Pit locomotives -- under development
Smelter Switchers --
under development
Ore Hoppers
Ingoldsby Ore Hoppers by Al Clemens
NCCCo / KCC Cabooses
4-wheel series
KCC Cabooses
8-wheel series
History of Nevada Con
Requa, Thompson, Jackling and the Brothers Guggenheim
NCCCo. Annual Report
Eleventh Annual Report for the year 1917
Ore Line
History and Operations

Consolidated Coppermines (Giroux Consolidated Mines) Railroad


Roster and information
Giroux/CCC Railroad History
Narrow & standard gauge at West End Camp
Giroux Con Mines Co. History
Properties, Ore Deposits, and Mines

Northern Nevada Railroad Corporation


1991 - 1996
--under development--


Interesting yard structure and its story

BHP Nevada Railroad



Final 1999 roster
Rolling Stock & Equipment
Cars and Hi-Rails


Copper concentrate bin & hopper loader



Photo Journey to the NNRy Museum
A 2001 photo essay of Ely's Historic Operating Railway
NNRy Museum Membership
Print Application & Join in Support

East Ely Railroad Depot Museum

Nevada State Railroad Museum at Ely

2002 Winter Olympics

Steam Train Photo Page

Model Railroading


O, HO, and N-scale

NNRy customized and RTR items





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